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Mana Fiji SwimFest

September 10-14, 2014


We love swimming around Mana Island. Of all the resort islands in the Mamanuca group off Nadi, it clearly is the best for ocean swimming. It's farther out towards the outer reef, so the water is just that bit better. And the island's shape and orientation -- long, stretching east-west -- means that, whatever the weather, there is virtually always at least one side of the island that's just right for swimming.

This year, the Mana Fiji SwimFest offers the 10km Nusa Mana swim on Thursday, September 11, and swims of 5km, 3km, and 1km on Saturday, September 13. Core dates are Wednesday, September 10 through Sunday, September 14. For our base package, we advise arriving on Tuesday, September 9 with departure on Sunday, September 14.

You're perfectly welcome to seledt other dates and longer or shorter stays, should you wish. We're happy to help with options.

By the way...

Do the Mana Fiji SwimFest, then come with us on an oceanswimsafari to the Yasawas, up north... click here

Event timetable...

  • Tuesday, September 9 - Best day to arrive on Mana Island: it gives you time to settle in to island life and get to know Mana Island.
  • Wednesday, September 10 - Evening - Traditional Fijian ceremonial welcome - kava and cocktails
  • Thursday, September 11 - 10km 'round Mana Swim - South Beach around Sunset Beach, along North Beach and across the lagoon to Nukumana sand island, then back to North Beach, either solos or 3-swimmer relay (each swimmer approximately 3km). Please note that the course of the 10km swim may be altered in light of conditions on race day.
  • Friday, September 12 - Laze around Mana day - Exolore the island, visit the lookouts, walk over to Sunset Beach, swim around to the Survivor village, visit the Mana spa for a double massage...
  • Saturday, September 13 - Three distances off Mana Island's North Beach -- 5km, 3km, and 1km (if conditions require, swim venue can be switched to Mana's South Beach.)


Accommodation packages...

Our base travel package for the Mana Fiji SwimFest is -

  • 5 nights Mana Island Resort (pay for 4 nights) - Stay 10, Pay 8, also available as well as corresponding discounts in between, eg Stay 6/Pay 5.
  • Buffet breakfasts on Mana
  • Swim entry pack, including -
    • 1 swim
    • Event shirt
    • Event cap
    • Event functions (Welcome Cocktails, Awards Lunch)
  • Return transfers, Nadi Airport-Mana Island

(NB: Rates are kept under review in light of $A/$F exchange rate movements.)

Package can be varied to meet your travel needs, times and departure points. While we do not offer air fares, we are happy to advise on schedules and options.

Mana Fiji SwimFest Per person twin share,
Stay 5/Pay 4,
incl. swim entry
Island bure $A1,005
Ocean View Room $A1,145
Deluxe Ocean View bure $A1,380
Oceanfront suite $A1,460
Beachfront bure $A1,620
Honeymoon bure $A1,775

Entry packages...

Swim entry is included in the travel package -

  • Welcome ceremony and cocktails
  • Swim entry
  • Event t-shirt
  • Swim cap
  • Awards lunch

Non-swimmers will receive all the benefits of the entry package, except for swims and race cap. If you book your Mana Fiji accommodation through, then your swim entry package is included in your accommodation package with one swim on either Thursday or Saturday. Note that swim entry included with an accommodation package is at a discount to standard online rates.

If you make your own accommodation arrangements, you still need to take the swim entry online through click here

Online entry fees are -

Thursday, Sept 11

  • 10km Solo - $A120 (minimum age 16)
  • 10km Relay - $A340 (min. age 14)

Combination entries with Thursday and Saturday swims -

Saturday, Sept 13

  • 5km, 3km, 1km - $A120 (16 years +)
  • 5km, 3km, 1km - $A70 (14-15 years)
  • 10km Solo + 1 swim Saturday - $A190 (16+ years)
  • Extra swim Saturday - $A38 (16+)
  • Extra swim Saturday - $A22 (14-15)
  • Non-swimmer 16+ - $A85
  • Non-swimmer U16 - $A45

To book...

With booking enquiries and to book.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Mana Island, Fiji

We reckon Mana Island, in Fiji's Mamanuca island group, is the best place in Fiji for an ocean swim event. Why? Because the position and orientation of Mana Island means there's pretty well always somewhere on the island, in pretty well any weather, where you can swim over beautiful reef sheltered from the weather. Mana's swim events are run on the island's north side, where there's a 130 metre reef before a drop-off, which means it's only a short swim out over very pretty reef before you're in clear water. But should the wind blow unseasonally, Mana's south side offers a broad, shallow reef -- still over two metres deep on a good tide -- with equally lovely swimming conditions.

The Mana Fiji SwimFest offers two days of swims, this year, 10km on Friday, October 25, and 3km, 1km, and 500m on Saturday, October 26. The 10km swim is open both to solos and to 3x3km relay swimmers, opening this glorious swim to pretty well to everyone who wants to have a go.

The 10km Mana swim runs through perhaps the most diverse conditions of any swim in the South Pacific - starting on Mana's South Beach, it rounds the western end of the island over pristine reef, then turns east along Mana's North Beach, just out from the coastal reef drop-off, heading through deeper water to the Nusa Mana sandbar, then returning to North Beach.

Please note that the course of the 10km swim may be altered in light of conditions on race day. If so, it will run on a course tracking the Mana reef drop-off between Mana's North Beach and South Beach, and return.

Early morning social swim from Mana's North Beach.

Core dates of the Mana Fiji SwimFest are Wednesday, September 10, 2014, through Sunday, September 14. We can arrange your travel any time around these dates, but we suggeest arriving on Mana Island on Tuesday, September 9, to allow time to settle in prior to the formal swims. Sunday, September 14, is the day on which those of us heading north to the Yasawas on our oceanswimsafari leave to catch the Yasawa Flyer. ( is running our Yasawas oceanswimsafari immediately after the Mana Fiji SwimFest, so why not combine the two... For more info on our Yasawas oceanswimsafari... yasawas)

Some people stay longer on Mana; some go just for the weekend. Some come with us to the Yasawa (you can see the bottom of the Yasawa on the northern horizon from Mana's North Beach, beckoning through the tropical haze like the mythical Xanadu). It's all up to you.

A few extra days also gives you the opportunity for morning swims along Mana's North Beach, say west towards the end reef, which really is a special part of Mana's reef, or east, around the point to the Survivor Beach, where the village was located for Fiji Survivor a few years back. It's a beautiful place, is Mana. One of its strengths is that, whichever way the wind is blowing, there always will be one side of the island that will be just right for swimming.

Swim events are held off Mana's North Beach, where the reef is about 70m wide before the drop-off. They're timed for the tide, so there's plenty of water over the reef. One of the beauties of Mana as a swim venue is that it's a long, east-west island, so whatever the weather (unless it's really extreme) there is always one side of the island or the other which is just right for ocean swimming.

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The Mana 10km course... South Beach, around Sunset Beach, to Nusa Mana sand bar, and back to North Beach.

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